“I can swim the whole way across the pool!” Hearing those excited words coming from a beaming child is about as rewarding as it gets. The kids don’t know that they’ve also learned to be safe in the water, to follow instructions, to develop new skills, to gain confidence and to make friends. But we do. The Y offers swim lessons year-round for every age. Inquire today about your little swimmer.

YMCA swim programs include infant-parent classes, preschool classes, classes for people with disabilities and classes for teens and adults. We also offer private swim lessons, a competitive swim team program, a masters swimming club, and water aerobics classes.

Progressive Group Swim Lessons Private Swim Lessons
Swim Team Aqua Aerobics
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Our aquatics programs include infant-parent classes, classes for teens and adults. We also offer private swim lessons, a competitive swim team program, member lap and recreation swim, and water aerobics classes.

Costs Per Session Y Member Non-Member
8 Lessons $60 (30 min) $80 (30 min)
4 Lessons  $60 (60 min) $80 (60 min)


Levels of Instruction

Parent/Child  6mo-2-1/2 years

SKIPPERS – For Beginner Swimmers

A water adjustment class for parents and their young children.

Preschool 3-5 years old

Pike – Beginner 

For beginners, sets the stage for the water experience and begins to learn the basics of side breathing, floats, and the front and back crawl.

Eel / Ray - Advanced

Advanced, for children without fear of putting their faces in the water. This class emphasizes stroke development for children able to propel themselves up to ten feet unassisted.

Youth 6-12 years Old


Older beginners will gain confidence in the water and begin to learn the basics of side breathing, floats, and the front and back crawl.


Intermediate swimmers will practice front and back crawl, refine rotary breathing, and be introduced to breaststroke.

Youth 6-14 years Old


In Minnow, children work on refinement of strokes with proper breathing techniques and building endurance. (Ratio 1:7)

Teen/Adult 14+ years old


Beginner: Little or no water experience. Learns floating (back and front), introduction of freestyle and elementary backstroke.

Intermediate: Refines freestyle and elementary backstroke. Learns sidestroke, breaststroke and deep-water swimming.

Instructor to Student Ratios:

1:10 - Skippers

1:4   - Pike, Eel, Ray

1:6   - Polliwog, Guppy, Minnow, Fish, Teen/Adult

1:3   - Discovery



Private swim lessons are perfect for children with special needs, adults training for an upcoming event, or for anyone looking for one-on-one attention. Each session is 30 minutes long, and includes only the instructor and participant. 

The day and time of the lesson is determined after paperwork is submitted and payment is made. Your preferred day and time will be specified on the sign-up sheet, and any instructors available at this time will call you to set up the lessons.

Cost per session:

Member-        $150

Non-Member-  $200

(4) 1-hour Sessions  Y Member Non-Member
1 Instructor per student (Private) $150/person $200.00/person

Please contact the front desk to schedule or check availability 562-425-7431. 


While participating in Swim Team, your children will build confidence, refine their swimming techniques, improve endurance, and learn the competitive components of swimming. They will experience an environment of camaraderie through practices, team building activities and competing in monthly swim meets. This will prepare them for high school swim competitions and cultivate their awareness of healthy living.

Swim Club is available from 6:30PM-7:30PM on Mondays & Wednesdays. 6PM-7PM on Fridays

This program is for advanced intermediate swimmers that can swim 50+ meters of freestyle (minnow level), ages 6-18 years.


This program is for advanced / intermediate swimmers only. To be eligible to join the swim team you must be able to pass the ray or minnow group swim lesson level offered through the YMCA. If you have not taken swim lessons through the YMCA a swim evaluation will be required before you can sign up. This program is for advanced intermediate swimmers that can swim 50+ yards of freestyle with side breathing, and backstroke. 

Ages:  6-17 years

Try Out Days & Times: Monday or Wednesday, 5pm


Cost for 2 Days/week Y Member Non-Member
Pick any 2 days from Mon-Thur 
$80.00 $130.00





Cost for 4 Days/week Y Member Non-Member
Attend up to 4 practices Mon-Thur 
$130.00 $225.00






Stay cool and have fun with a complete body workout in the water. Tones and strengthen your muscles without stress to bones and muscles experienced on dry land. 

Aqua Aerobics is FREE for members and is $48 for non-members who purchase a 16 visit Punch Card (only valid per 8 week session).  


Lap Swim: This is non-stop swimming for YMCA Members who are 13 years of age and older. Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Open Swim: The pool is reserved for members who wish to participate in non-lap swim activities, as well as to relax and enjoy our pool. It is a great time to workout independently or have family time to play together in the pool.

View schedule for times and other important information.   


What better way to celebrate your special event than with a pool party? We offer exclusive use of our pool during non-operating hours. All parties will be staffed with certified lifeguards to ensure your safety during your occasion! 

Included is our patio area, locker rooms, and pool toys.  Pool Party rental policies and forms are available at the member service desk!

If you have any questions regarding our Aquatic Programs, please call the Y at 562.423.0491.